Why it’s okay if you haven’t got the hang of shaving yet

Why it’s okay if you haven’t got the hang of shaving yet

Jon Axworthy

Shave wet or shave dry? and the way a lot moisturiser to use? if you happen to’re left scratching your chin, don’t fear – you’re now not the only one.

you’re thinking that you’d be pretty just right at something you’ve performed every day for all of your grownup lifestyles, wouldn’t you? Alternatively, it sort of feels that most guys are still involved that their shaving regime isn’t all it will be, and that their individual skin problems are often the result of their lifestyle choices.

when you feel unsure approximately your look and your skin, it will probably affect the whole thing from the way you perform at paintings to how you’re feeling approximately your self on a date. So it’s at all times at hand to have a hero on hand to make you feel excellent approximately your self once more.

Maybe it was your Dad that taught you to shave, and remembering a few of his sage advice, as Father’s Day strategies, can at all times help out.

However, heroes are available all shapes and sizes, and the Braun Series THREE ProSkin too can come to the rescue of guys with delicate skin.

Different strokes

Pores And Skin problems have been found out to be the quantity-one concern for guys in Braun’s world survey into the standard pores and skin conduct of fellows aged 18-34.

The survey additionally discovered the seven different “typologies” of shavers who all suffered from insecurities about their pores and skin. Different lifestyles resulted in other skin issues, with elements akin to caffeine, alcohol, smoking, pollution and commute all taking their toll.

The complicated technology removes hairs with out scraping, rubbing or overheating your pores and skin

Commuters, who’ve to shave each day and paintings in dry, air-conditioned offices, are inclined to concern approximately how breakouts and redness look to their colleagues, whilst “social sensitives” – who drink and socialise on a daily basis – care more approximately how annoyed skin appears to be like to friends and dates.

The healthy-residing varieties obviously have better pores and skin, but nonetheless concern about the way it appears. people who work open air are normally less stressed: for them, the principle issues are what smog and sweat do to their pores and skin.

regardless of what their way of life choice, all the typologies felt that they struggled from time to time to maintain customary, wholesome-looking pores and skin. Their different morning regimes – some switching among rainy and dry shaving, a few simplest shaving as soon as every week – mixed with their skin sort to result in problems.

A sensitive resolution

The upshot is, if you’re feeling you’re nonetheless a newbie while it involves the shaving replicate within the morning, you’re no longer by myself. The survey displays that everybody on occasion experiences pores and skin sensitivity after shaving, leaving their skin feeling dry or itchy, and every workforce of shavers strategies the problem in a different way. for example, “cosmopolitan chameleons” reached for the moisturiser, even as “birthday celebration types” selected to modify their shaving technique from wet to dry.

Braun S3 ProSkin shaver on smashed blue floor Brains and Braun: the Collection 3 ProSkin has power-sensitive reducing elements

Fortunately, there’s a new approach to be proactive approximately sensitive skin: the brand new Braun Collection THREE ProSkin, the most recent incarnation of the arena’s bestselling foil shaver.

All Braun shavers go in directly, intuitive strokes so that you don’t wish to circle over the similar spot two times, helping to minimise skin inflammation. but the Collection THREE ProSkin has a thin precision head, making it easy to succeed in tricky spaces, reminiscent of that tricky bit underneath the nose. It also has 3 specialised cutting elements, safe through patented steel mesh SensoFoils™ which can be fitted to any pores and skin sort.

All 3 super-sharp chopping components are force-sensitive, routinely retracting to protect your skin, but the heart one additionally has a Micro Comb, to trap extra hair from the first stroke for a sooner shave and with greater skin convenience.

you’ll guarantee an quickly smartly-groomed, skilled look every time you choose up the Series 3 ProSkin

The ergonomic grip will provide you with general control, and the advanced technology tackles hairs at simply the fitting intensity and perspective to remove them with out scraping, rubbing or overheating your skin. It’s also waterproof, works great with shaving foam or gels or even in the shower.

So, if you happen to’re nonetheless an unsure shaver, don’t fear. you’ll ensure an simply neatly-groomed, professional look every time you choose up the Series THREE ProSkin.

The Braun Series THREE ProSkin is obtainable from Amazon and other outlets from RRP £39.99

cutting edge

This series of Telegraph features explores the innovative of beard technology – and how to be completely groomed on the whole.

Braun has kept men taking a look sharp because the 1950s, and its range of hi-tech products now comprises the Series 3 ProSkin, with a 3-Flex head and MicroComb for sooner shaving with great pores and skin convenience

discover extra about Braun grooming equipment at uk.braun.com

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