Should companies relocate to the suburbs?

Should companies relocate to the suburbs?

Expensive John: You’re in part right about the beauty of telecommuting.

Companies have been fleeing Ny for decades, frequently for the benefit of the CEO and his/her commute. Simply look around Connecticut, in Greenwich and particularly in Stamford. Fairfield County is house to a lot of Fortune ONE HUNDRED companies.

One corporate, Boardroom, came within the overdue ’80s or early ’90s as its founder, Martin Edelstein, foresaw massive terror assaults in Long Island’s long term. He used to be protective himself, his family, his business and his employees. P.F.

Pricey P.F.: GOOD ENOUGH, you’ll be able to now acquire your take a look at for public relations services from Mr. Edelstein. the company, incidentally, is now known as Final Analysis.

You’ll have to get that proper within the long term to be a successful p.r. individual.

Look, I agree. Firms have steadily moved out of new York City on account of the inconvenience. My element within the column you consult with is this: If NYC doesn’t overcome its mass transit issues, company bosses are going to start out brooding about whether or not telecommuting is an even choice.

That’s all. Fix the damned trains otherwise!

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