Jim Henson’s daughter: Fired puppeteer played Kermit as a ‘depressed victim’

Jim Henson’s daughter: Fired puppeteer played Kermit as a ‘depressed victim’

The fluff is flying on “The Muppet Display.”

The daughter of the Muppets’ writer, Jim Henson, brutally slammed the ousted puppeteer behind Kermit the Frog, announcing that his firing have been “long past due.”

On Monday, the Muppets Studio mentioned that it had allow Steve Whitmire — who had carried out Kermit given that Henson croaked in 1990 — cross on account of “unacceptable trade conduct over a length of a few years,” announcing, “He consistently failed to address the comments.”

But in a Fb publish, Henson’s daughter and Jim Henson Co. board member Cheryl Henson said that Whitmore were given the green bushy boot as a result of his “efficiency of Kermit has strayed distant from my father’s just right-hearted, compassionate leader of the Muppets.”

Cheryl argued that Whitmire had grew to become Kermit into every other Oscar the Grouch, pronouncing, “Steve carried out Kermit as a sour, angry, depressed sufferer.”

Twisting the knife, she wrote, “Worst of all, in the past few years he had not been . . . humorous or a laugh.”

No surprise Omit Piggy dumped Kermit in 2015.

Cheryl known as the dismissal “lengthy late” and implored Whitmire to “prevent with the pity birthday party.” Whitmire instructed the Hollywood Reporter that he felt that he were canned as a result of pros “felt he had been ‘disrespectful’ in being outspoken on personality problems” with inventive group of workers. In Reality, it’s tough being inexperienced.

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