Famed NYPD dog injured on the job after fall through ceiling

Famed NYPD dog injured on the job after fall through ceiling
K9 TimoshenkoR. Umar Abbasi

A brave NYPD OKAY-9 dog used to be hurt on the activity after he fell thru a ceiling in Brooklyn, police said.

The well-recognized German Shepherd, Timoshenko — named after Staten Island Detective Russel Timoshenko, who used to be killed in the line of responsibility in 2007 — was once within a home on Seabring Street near Van Brunt side road in Red Hook on Friday night time, in search of firearms, police officers stated.

because the doggy checked the attic, the ceiling all at once gave means and Timoshenko plummeted through, police mentioned.

He minimize his front paw, and needed seven stitches. Timoshenko is convalescing at home with his handler, where he is expected to make an entire restoration.

Timoshenko managed to sniff out a .22 semiautomatic handgun, an attack rifle, six different rifles and a shotgun in spite of the scary fall, consistent with police officers, who arrested resident Agron Haskaj, 61, on multiple counts of guns ownership.

Chief Harry J. Wedin of the NYPD’s Unique Operations Division praised the brave K9 in a tweet Saturday, at the side of an image of the canine with a plastic cone over his head.

“Closing night/seek warrant #K9 ‘Timoshenko’ recovered these weapons but additionally fell through a ceiling,” Wedin wrote. “7 stitches & he’s recuperating @ house #GoodBoy.”

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