Councilman throws tantrum during corruption trial

Councilman throws tantrum during corruption trial

Queens Councilman Ruben Wills flew right into a rage in courtroom Monday — slamming his fists at the desk and yelling at the most sensible of his lungs — as a judge all however threw out his protection in his ongoing corruption trial.

The pol grew infuriated while Queens Excellent Court Docket Judge Ira Margulis barred his attorney from calling 5 witnesses, saying they have been irrelevant to the case.

Witnesses Larry Love (left) and Larry DavidsonEllis Kaplan (2)

“I’m not likely to allow those witnesses,” Margulis said prior to he was interrupted via Wills, who bellowed, “How can do you do this?!” while banging his fingers on the safeguard table.

the two then persevered bickering out of the presence of the jury, which has been listening to evidence because the beginning of this month that Wills allegedly misspent $30,000 in taxpayer funds via blowing it on private expenses.

“you can not talk. you could have an lawyer to talk for you,” Margulis instructed the fuming Democrat.

Wills retorted, “However you might be fighting my attorney from creating a case!”

Margulis then issued a stern warning, “yet another outburst and i will grasp you in contempt!”

Security attorney Kevin O’Donnell sought to call to the stand several witnesses, a few of whom had been expected to testify that Wills paid them to work certain occasions. Wills himself isn’t anticipated to testify.

“you’re pulling the rug right out from under us!” O’Donnell complained to the judge. “i would like to make it clear, this is not non-public, Pass Judgement On, but you’re pulling the rug proper out from beneath us.”

Queens Councilman Ruben Wills misspent nearly two-thirds of the tax…

Wills was admonished a 2d time for slamming a giant stack of papers on the table and muttering loudly after Margulis refused to postpone the trial in order that defense could name witnesses who have been unavailable Monday.

The judge in the end allowed one witness — Kim Newsom — to testify Monday afternoon but advised O’Donnell, “You’re asking to supply witnesses to testify as to what’s for your shopper’s thoughts. How can they do this?”

Outside the court, O’Donnell said Newsom is anticipated to refute testimony given ultimate week from a witness who claimed he didn’t function director of Wills’ nonprofit Ny FOUR-Lifestyles.

“This Is like dying by way of 1,000 cuts, and perhaps his testimony will carry us again to 999,” O’Donnell stated.

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