Corey Feldman: I ‘made history’ on the ‘Today’ show

Corey Feldman: I ‘made history’ on the ‘Today’ show

Eighties famous person Corey Feldman and his all-female backing band of “Angels” played a 3-hour show on the Highline Ballroom on Sunday night, which included Feldman’s new tunes and covers of songs from his films including “The Lost Boys” and “The Goonies.”

The display opened with a trailer promising “unique dance moves” that also noted Feldman has carried out with Michael Jackson and Snoop Dogg. Onstage, Feldman paid tribute to his late pal and common co-star Corey Haim, then — inexplicably — Billy Joel and The Beatles.

But an attendee admitted, “i think a lot of individuals got here simply out of curiosity, short of a trainwreck, but it surely ended up being in reality a laugh.”

Feldman addressed his so much-maligned 2016 “These Days” look by way of announcing, “It wasn’t actually a nasty factor as a result of 250 million folks watched in a week, so that was once awesome. We made history! However permit me say this: there has been a lot of nasty things mentioned within the press . . . They referred to as me bizarre, they called me crazy . . . they can say whatever they want about me, it’s cool. But don’t bleep with the Angels!”

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