Comment: I’m sick of the Left pretending that Jeremy Corbyn won the election 

Comment: I'm sick of the Left pretending that Jeremy Corbyn won the election 

there’s nothing more tiresome than a commentator celebrating as if their boy Corbyn has won. You and i recognise that no-one gained this election, however the objective fact is that the Conservative party performed the least badly. In Spite Of this, you can’t transfer for other folks on social media cheering choice outcome, performing like their enhance for Corbyn finds their genius-level political perception.

Labour may have overwhelmed shamefully low expectations, however let’s now not omit why the ones expectancies were so low in the first place: Corbyn is unhealthy at parliamentary birthday celebration control, and unhealthy at top an competition. He has just spent years failing to hold the government to account. He’s a surprisingly good campaigner, but as soon as the surprise wears off, Labour’s result’s nonetheless barely higher in seat numbers than Gordon Brown controlled.

Given the objective facts, it’s embarrassing how over-excited some persons are…

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