Can I hold my boss accountable for a verbal commitment?

Can I hold my boss accountable for a verbal commitment?

Pricey Greg,

I Was not too long ago laid off even supposing my boss prior to now informed me that I had not anything to fret about, and that as lengthy as he was once there I’d have a job. Well, he’s nonetheless there and that i’m now not. Do I’ve a declare?

I doubt a court docket might rule in want of you just as a result of what your boss stated. My robust guess this is that on the time your boss made that remark, he supposed it as a compliment to illustrate how strongly he felt about you. But things can change, and clearly something did. Perhaps your performance used to be affected or the trade stipulations altered. Maybe he simply changed his mind. However a verbal remark does not save you him from firing you although he’s nonetheless hired there. That stated, if you happen to depended on his insurance and due to this fact became down different process opportunities, you might give you the chance to make use of that to negotiate a better severance bundle.

My boss said i will be able to’t get paid additional time for the additional hours I worked remaining week as a result of they weren’t pre-approved by him. On The Other Hand, he asked me to get a mission done that required me to work those additional hours and he knew I Used To Be there past due. Is that honest?

It’s not only unfair, it’s unlawful! it is real that non-exempt staff can’t just make their very own hours and rack up overtime pay if the corporate policy says OT has to be approved. However allowing someone to work extra hours whilst knowing they are doing so is implicit approval and the employee need to be paid for the hours worked. It’s a tricky salary-and-hour legislation to navigate because those regulations had been written half a century in the past and essentially for factory-sort jobs the place each and every minute was monitored on a clock and also you punched in and out. That’s no longer how folks work in most corporate jobs lately, particularly given that now and again an individual would possibly keep late to demonstrate their commitment, particularly junior stage body of workers.

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